Skating Donnert - 2022 Budapest Variete

Skating Donnert's in Budapest Variete, performing the Roller Skating Act.

Duo Donnert Roller Skating Act
Duo Donnert Roller Skating Act
Duo Donnert - Ryan & Anna
Skating Donnert - 2022 Budapest Circus Festival - Silver Prize Winners of the Prestigious 2022 Budapest Circus Festival Newcomer Show
Skating Donnert - 16th. Festival Internacional de Circo de Albecete
We are Ryan & Anna, from England and Hungary, where we have attended the Performing Arts Institute, specializing in Roller Skating as well as Acrobatics.

As a descendent of the Donnert Circus Family, with long standing tradition of performing world class entertainment of over a 125 years our goal is nothing shorter, but to live up to my Family's heritage.

Circus art is a constantly changing environment, where over a short period, a demand for different styles and skills can be required, we strongly believe in diversity and dedication through our careers.

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Skating Donnert - Ryan & Anna

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